Gespecialiseerd in:  Neo-traditional, Fine Line, Black & Grey, Floral, Text & Line work 

Hello! I am Alexandra Bird.

I moved from the United States with my husband in 2018 and have enjoyed living here ever since.
It was my first time being in Europe, a very big leap to say the least, but it has made me very happy.

Before we moved, I graduated University with a degree in Fine Arts, studying many different art forms such as, ceramics, wood working and metal smithing.
However, my first love of art was drawing the human figure and still life, which I now use in my tattoo style.

I enjoy the styles of Illustrative, Fine line and Black & Grey. A few of my favorite subjects include, animals, skulls, human figure, still life, animation and video games.

As an artist, I believe that the combination of my style with a client's concepts can create truly expressive artworks.
The beauty of tattoos is being able to express stories, emotions and experiences, or simply for fun!